Harp Therapy

Harp Therapy is a medical modality that is becoming more popular with patients as they use varying resources to help with pain management, stress reduction, relaxation and improving circulation. Neuropathy patients experience increased circulation, as do stroke patients. Clients with Cerebral Palsy find it helpful in strengthening their posture. Migraine sufferers report better circulation and pain management during a migraine by using the pre-recorded CD's of their initial sessions. Cancer survivors use harp therapy to reduce stress.

Each session is about 6-8 minutes longs. After your session the harpist will produce a CD of your session for you to take home and use for reinforcement. The client picks the most comfortable tone, from the 7 tones of the scale. The harpist then builds a series of overtones on the harp which sounds a great deal like music, and is very comforting to hear.

Sometimes during the 3-5 session therapy, clients find they use two or three base tones. This makes a collection for a final CD that clients can use at any time, except while driving. We recommend not using the therapeutic recordings for driving as the body wants to recreate the session, which can cause deep relaxation in some people.

The first session requires 45 minutes for responding to basic health care questions.

Email Linda Paul for information on booking your session.